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Tankfully Fresh Singapore

Established in 1990, Tankfully Fresh is an online seafood supply retailer and online delivery service of Sin Chwee Mini Mart, a seafood wet market stall at Bukit Batok.
Tankfully Fresh offers broad varieties of the finest seafood (Fresh & Frozen) sourced from reliable fish farms and seafood suppliers in Southeast Asia.

Products :

Fresh Seafood
– Fish
– Shell
– Squid
Frozen Seafood
– Fish (Codfish Fillet, Halibut Cutting, Handmade Otah (Fish), Handmade Otah (Prawn), Saba Fillet, Frozen Milkfish Belly, Frozen Wild Seabass Fish Maw, Frozen Cooked Wet Silverfish, Codfish etc.)
– Shellfish (Scallops, Canada Scallops, Half-Shell Scallops, Korea clams etc.)
Others Products
– Ready to Cook (Basic Essential Curry Pack, Basic Essential Ingredient Pack, Frozen Freezepak Crispy Chicken Nuggets, Frozen Freezepak Crispy Chicken Steaks, Frozen Freezepak Popcorn Chicken, Handmade Otah (Fish), Handmade Otah (Prawn), Surimi Snow Flavoured Crab Leg, Fresh Chilli Fish Balls, Fresh Fish Balls, Cooked Fish Balls, Crab Balls etc.)
– Sauces (GIMSON Nyonya Sauce, EBARA Sauces)

Delivery :
Tankfully Fresh offer fresh & frozen seafood Islandwide next day home delivery.
Order before 11:59pm and get it delivered the next day!

** get $10 off your first purchase
*Minimun spending of $120
For discount / promotions visit website.

Tankfully Fresh Singapore

Address :
Tankfully Fresh
372 Bukit Batok
East Street 31 #01-398
Singapore 650372
Phone : +65 8298 4024
Website : www.tankfullyfresh.com | Facebook | Instagram

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